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HITT your High at Barry’s Bootcamp

Nothing about Barry’s is lowkey. And that’s just how we like it.

If you know anything about fitness, you’ll know that Barry’s Bootcamp is a world-famous fitness phenomenon, and their pioneering HIIT classes and studios are legendary. Founded in West Hollywood in 1998, Barry’s mixes cardio with strength training in high-intensity classes that have a global following including the Beckhams, Harry Styles and Ellie Goulding. Their third London studio, Barry’s on Queensway delivers everything you need to look and feel your best. You just have to show up!

A premium, completely gender-neutral experience, the Barry’s team is friendly, approachable and professional, meaning even beginners will feel at home here.  From the smart entrance to the exquisite changing rooms to the high-end equipment, this is a slick and polished experience, topped off with a true high-energy feel: the music is pumping, the members are powering, the instructors are driving. Even the most slovenly of us would want to move in here.

Let’s talk about where the magic happens: the Red Room. A moody, red-lit mirrored studio that’s lined by treads with a centre mat area for weights. There are three class options available: tread only, mat only or the iconic Red Room combination class. All of them offer both the cardio and strength training Barry’s Bootcamp is famous for, with instructors who don’t just shout from the sidelines but get stuck in themselves (with a bit of noisy encouragement, of course – this is an intense workout after all!). Above all, though, it’s high-energy, high-intensity and a whole lot of fun.

While you can book a one-off class at Barry’s, results happen with commitment: a commitment to change and commitment to yourself. That’s why they recommend 3-4 sessions a week and refocus each session’s muscle group to ensure your training gets the right results. But, to be honest, the way we felt when we’d finished our class, we couldn’t wait to get back in there!

Barry’s knows that a proper wind-down is key to a successful workout and have created hotel-quality changing rooms. Towels are included, as are luxury products so you can indulge in your important self-care routine, with Dyson and GHD equipment leaving you groomed and ready.

And don’t forget your post-workout shake from the shake bar. Even better, pre-order so it’s ready and waiting when you’re ready to return to real life, full of endorphins and feeling like whatever the day throws at you, your session at Barry’s Bootcamp will make sure you smash it.

Our Top Tip: complementary hair bands and earplugs are available at reception, so no panic if you forget yours!

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